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Step by step Guide: Laminated Snow Globe Ornaments (With Pictures)

Making laminated snow globe craft is a very easy way to make your loved ones happy. Everyone can easily make one for themselves easily with budget-friendly materials. Snow globe ornament can be a perfect classroom craft and one of the greatest DIY projects if you want to send your family members as a gift. Using this diy project in classroom activities would be a good activity for students. Similar to the dried orange decoration diy project this project is step by step described below.

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MATERIALS TO MAKE Laminated Snow Globe

In your home, you can make a lot of snow globes, they are very personal and you can build a lot of fun stuff like your pets or personal things, prepare laminated snowglobe ornament to hang on your tree, add antlers and so much more. However, the laminated ones are typically more “adult” oriented. There is a limit on how young people can be interested, so using Astrobrights Colored Cardstock would be a safer option and add a new color to your DIY project.

Table of Contents

snow globe with laminating sheets

How do you laminate Snowglobe ornaments?

Print the Prototype

Open a laminating sheet and draw the printable template circles on it. You could fit approximately four per sheet. Be careful to make sure it is not tilted! Because you don’t want to make your circles look weird.

laminated snow globe craft

Paint your Snow-Laminated Globe

Snow-Laminated Globe should be painted one side near the bottom. If you want to add something different to your picture, you can paint in the globe frame. When they use their fingerprints, it is cute. You can make a 3d snow globe out of paper by adding glitter softly around the picture. Let the paint dry absolutely. Your gift, once it’s colored, will be fine. In addition, you can send a small note written on the snow-laminated globe to your loved ones.

laminated snow globe ornament template

Cut laminated snow globe circle

Cut the picture of what you want to create (without a context, cut close). The best way to do this is to first punch a hole (marked by a gray dot) in the middle and start cutting from there. Place the picture in the center of the painted circle and secure it with double-sided tape. Try to keep away from the edges so that it sticks to the laminating sheets. When cutting your laminated picture snow globe ornament circle, don’t forget to follow the dashed line while making your snowglobe circle.

Glue the base near the bottom of the laminated snow globe

Punch a hole of the string in the end. Cut a base out of the laminated card stock. You can dowland the free snow globe template here. Glue the base near the bottom of the laminated circles, or tape it. Write their name and the year in sharpie. Create snow for others. Paint a snow hill and add a couple of snowflakes – your fingers or a q-tip make pretty snowflakes.

Ready to Display!!

Lastly, it is time to hang on the Christmas tree as a present! ! Your craft photo is done and ready to be one of the most beautiful crafts for the 2021 Christmas.

snow globe ornament diy laminated

Laminated snow globe template [ FREE ]

laminated snow globe template


In conclusion, you are not only create a fantastic memory with your beloved ones, especially for childeren, you also keep them as a souvenir. You can find various laminated snow globe templates and images on the Internet and apply our step by step instructions. Laminated snow globe ornament is one of the budget-friendly craft that you can make.

laminated snow globe craft

If you’d rather watch a video on how to do it step by step, take a glance at this video here:

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