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5 BEST Caribbean home decor and interior elements

Anyone who has ever visited the Caribbean on a holiday dreams of carrying home a small part of it. While a jar of sand or a few seashells could fit in your suitcase, the vivid, colorful colors and styles that make the Caribbean such a tropical delight would probably not go too far in replicating them.

caribbean design

Fortunately, by researching the features of Caribbean design and using it in your own home decor, you can recreate a little piece of paradise in your home. We can’t promise that the sun will shine outside, but if you do, it’ll surely shine on the inside.

Table of Contents

Caribbean Design Furniture

The interior of many American homes are influenced by the Caribbean design. Caribbean design furnitures look as if the elements have weathered it: look for your furniture from flea markets and thrift shops, or check out department stores’ shabby chic collections to recreate the look.

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Caribbean Character Design

Wood is an essential element of the architecture of the Caribbean and can help create a rich contrast to all those colors of the tropics. Rattan is a common and widely used option, as we’ve already mentioned, but bamboo is an equally great choice for adding texture and plenty of Caribbean flavors.
Wooden accents do not need to be new; in fact, if they are not, it helps. The ideal is to have pieces that seem to tell a story and bring to your room a sense of history. Antique pieces provide a room with great wealth and depth, along with a timeless beauty that new pieces are struggling to match.
It is possible to mix and match wooden accents. The Caribbean style reflects your design choices-next to a distressed pine bed, a weather-beaten oak dresser will look fantastic and will really help bring some of the cheerful Caribbean flair into your home.

caribbean design hotels

Caribbean Interior Design

Caribbean interior design provides many opportunities when it comes to flooring. As with untreated coral stone, a tropical dark wooden floor is one of the most preferable options. To add a sense of warmth and richness, both choices contrast with the tropical color scheme of the Caribbean interior.
Depending on your budget, these can either be installed throughout the entire house or limited to smaller areas such as the kitchen Caribbean homes and bathroom Caribbean style.

Caribbean Design and Construction

Although the Caribbean climate is suitable for sunbathing, conventional construction and interior materials can also be harsh because of the natural elements of the sun and salt. Pick outdoor furnishings made from elements such as teak, aluminum, resin, and stainless steel that are weather-resistant.

The overall  Caribbean interior design can be created by durable finishes that imitate nature and provide the endurance to withstand the elements. 

Caribbean Interior Design Books

If you’d rather watch a video about Carribean home decor and interior designs, then take a glance at this video here:

You can also buy Carribbean design decorations from

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