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How much does it cost to paint a 12x12 room?

Changing the color of the walls of a 12×12 room often depends on a choice, simply to bring a breath of freshness into the apartment, other times it is an impending need. Painting a 12×12 room is a great way to improve your home without spending thousands of dollars. The Cost To Paint a 12X12 Room varies greatly, depending on several factors.

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Room

Cost Factors of Paint A Room

Generally, a room to be painted will cost depends on what square meters the room has. Painting a room of 80 square meters will not be the same as painting a room of 20 people. So, the estimate could be lowered or raised according to this. The cost of painting a room is calculated based on the square meter. Painters charge $275 to $1,000 per room on average, depending on the condition. The average cost to paint a 12X12 room is $375 to $1000.

Here are some other cost factors affecting your cost to paint a 12×12 room:

The size of the 12x12 room to be painted

The most important cost factors for painting is the size of the room. Labor and material costs will vary according to the size of the room.

Texture of the Wall

A rough wall will need more paint than a plain wall. Determining the amount of dye to use depends on the texture. For professional estimates, calculate by adding rough surfaces in your square meter calculations.

How the painter works

The painter’s speed will determine the final cost, but it’s hard to predict. A professional paints a wall in a short time, but some are more methodical and take longer to finish. If you deal with the painter on an hourly rate, you should also estimate the time required for the first coat to dry before applying the second coat.

Materials needed

When you deal with a painter, he usually provides most of the equipment. But you can also deal only with labor by getting all the materials yourself. Or you can decide to DIY painting. In this case, having materials on hand saves you time and money. Materials you should have:
• Several sizes of different brushes. Besides the large brush, a small brush for retouching.
Tape to protect floors and ceilings from droplets.
Paint Rollers, painting for large part of a wall.
Stairs, to reach higher areas.

These cheap materials from Amazon definiteley decrease your cost to paint a 12×12 room. 

Professional help to paint a room

Painting a room needs attention, and if you do not want to cause permanent damage to the walls of your room, the recommended and most convenient choice is to trust professional services.
Here, what you need to do before getting a professional service to paint your 12×12 room;

Make a preliminary review

Before accepting a professional help for room painting, make sure that the professional painter see the workplace to be painted before started. So first he/she will see the room, the type of house and walls, and will not cost you unnecessary costs.

Check the condition of the walls

Walls in poor condition will require more effort to paint, so this means more hours of work for the painters and, more costs.

You can try to improve the condition of the walls before painting them, but it is best to leave everything in the hands of the same professional. He will be able to define an approximate estimate that includes both the repair of the walls and their paint.

Choose the type of paint for 12x12 room

The type of paint used can also lower or raise the budget for painting a 12×12 room. There are many types of paint: plastic, acrylic, stucco, anti-humidity dye, vinyl…

The decision will depend on you and what you are looking for. Inquire or ask about the different types and choose the one that best suits your needs and conditions.

cost to paint a 12x12 room

See the status of the room

Another factor that affects the final price is the state of the room. For example, if it is furnished it will take longer to paint because you will have to pay attention to the furniture by covering it with the appropriate material so that they do not suffer damage.

If, on the contrary, the 12×12 room is empty, and without furniture, the process will be much easier and faster. Although, of course, the floor and other elements must also be protected

Always ask for an all-inclusive offer

Finally, the most important advice. Never accept an open offer to which you can add last-minute expenses. This way you will avoid surprises. Discuss all aspects with the painter and set a defined price from the first moment. In this work, you must preview the hours of work and also include the square meters and materials.

Different painting techniques

The cost of painting a room also depends on different painting techniques. The most used are:

  • sponging
  • the glazing
  • the scratched.

The first technique is very easy to implement and inexpensive: it only involves the use of a sponge to be dabbed on an already painted wall. The effect is elegant and allows you to play with different colors between the base and the decoration.

Glazing is one of the most common and simplest techniques. Glazing is more expensive but can be completed in a short time. It is applied with the help of various tools like a brush, rag, spatula, and gloves. This painting technique is the most used by those who prefer to do it yourself. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Scratched, also called striped effect, is a technique that requires an expert hand but is also costs less. It is prepared a mixture of resin and water and applied to the wall with a tool called a trowel. In this way, it is possible to make lines on the wall, in different senses, according to your preferences.

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If you want to get professional help to paint a room, be careful those who offer you an exaggeratedly low prices. Because they do not always use the highest quality materials. With weak materials and paints, it is possible that the painting will not last long and will quickly reveal leaks, damages, areas to be cleaned.

Depending on your budget, needs, and time to paint a room costs will change. Painting a 12×12 room may seem like a simple and straightforward job, but remember that, there are a lot of things to think about for the perfect costs for you.

If you’d rather watch a video on how to do it step by step, take a glance at this video here:

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