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Mezzanine Kitchens for Home

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There is enough space for the kitchen under the mezzainine even if you live in a modern design home. 
If your designer designs your kitchen with a low ceiling and cares about the space that people can comfortably live in there, then the mezzanine above the kitchen makes you feel convenient.

The kitchen is one of the significant rooms in the home. Therefore, people generally tend to go to different styles in their kitchen decorations.
Adding a mezzanine above the kitchen is one of the options to make open plan living for your family. It makes sense to give the mezzanine kitchen a bit of additional consideration.

@hellodecorlover , this Berlin cafe is the dream. Image by @richardleemassey .

The mezzanine over the kitchen has different benefits. Besides the aesthetic nature, there are also useful advantages that people can find additional activities to do. You can create a library in the mezzanine above the kitchen and put your favorite books. Moreover, people generally use this area as guest space so that when your guest comes, you can find an opportunity to make your guest feel happy in a different atmosphere. 
Mezzanine kitchens can be possible as long as there is enough space for the vertical room.

Rien de prévu par ici... ah si pardon demain je vieillis

Mezzanine Floor Meaning:

Understanding ‘What is a mezzanine floor?’ is very crucial before talking about the mezzanine kitchen.
Between two main floors or the ceiling of the kitchen, there is a middle part which is called a mezzanine floor designed to cover a particular space of your kitchen area. Generally, kitchen mezzanines are considered to be made ‘DIY’ Do It Yourself! projects. To satisfy the necessities that a kitchen mezzanine requires, most people use steel which strengthens the structure of the kitchen mezzanine. Mezzanines over the kitchen add your home one more room and maximize your area. Therefore, the kitchens under mezzanines are built according to their ceiling dimension and their free-standing structures.

mezzanine kitchen
mezzanine kitchen
kitchen under mezzanine

What height do you need for a mezzanine kitchen?

For minimum ceiling height: 14ft (4.21m)
It is the requirement for adding an extra room for your kitchen.
The mezzanine level should not reach more than 50% of your kitchen area. When you or your designer work according to a certain plan, you can add extra value to your home. Check out: How could a Loft Conversion Add Value to Your Home? in your kitchen mezzanine journey.

To learn more about check Planning Portal.

mezzanine over kitchen

No Privacy in Mezzanine Kitchens!

There are various ways to stack places and to maximize the functionality of your kitchen mezzanine. Don’t forget that mezzanine remains free and semi-connected to the lower stage. In other words, in the area that you live in both the mezzanine and under the mezzanine, everything action you do can be seen easily.